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Red Velvet Jumbo Scrunchie

Red Velvet Jumbo Scrunchie

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These Jumbo Scrunchies will help hold any type of hair you might have without feeling too tight. They can hold locks and curls and if you’re worried about your hair not being thick enough, then we’ve got it covered. I started making these for myself and I don’t have super thick hair, but these make my hair look like it has volume.

I also have a problem with hair ties being too tight and they’ll catch that one hair that pulls too tight. Sometimes that gives us a headache and we can avoid that. I also like a low ponytail or bun and when the scrunchie is nice, soft and it doesn’t scratch my neck then I’m all in. They can fit around your wrist if you wear it for a style. It might not fit a child’s hand or someone who has smaller wrists. We do have other sizes if that’s what you are looking for.

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